By choosing to heat your home or business with propane from Avery Energy, LLC, you are choosing an effective and efficient heating fuel that’s perfect for keeping upstate New York homes warm. It’s economical, it’s produced domestically, and it’s one of the cleanest burning energy sources available today. Propane is also a versatile fuel that can be used in many different ways for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Uses of Propane:

  • Hot water: Propane water heaters boast lower operating costs and higher efficiencies compared to electric water heaters.
  • Cooking appliances: Don’t wait for an electric range to heat up; gas flames provide immediate heat, on-demand temperature control, and even temperature distribution to your cookware.
  • Clothes drying: Like a stove, propane-fired clothes dryers heat up faster than their electric counterparts, cutting down on your drying time.
  • Fireplaces: Propane fireplaces turn on instantaneously, plus they’re inexpensive to run and easy to maintain.
  • Generators: Power outage? No problem! Propane generators keep the heat on and your appliances running.

Outdoor Uses of Propane:

  • Gas grilling: Get cooking faster with a gas grill. Plus, you’ll enjoy even temperatures to ensure foods are cooked through properly. And the no-mess factor will have you saying goodbye to charcoal for good.
  • Heating pools and hot tubs: Propane heaters are more cost effective than electric heaters, and can better reach and maintain the desired water temperatures.
  • Space heaters: Putting a space heater on a patio will keep you warm outside when the temperature drops, creating an ideal outdoor living environment.
  • Fire pits and fireplaces: Enjoy the ambiance of a campfire without the smoke. Additionally, one of these propane-fueled appliances turns on and off instantaneously, making it a safe option.

We offer professional installation and reliable service for propane-fired appliances. Contact us for a free installation estimate, and make propane part of your home!

Automatic Propane Delivery

When you choose to become an automatic propane delivery customer, you’re signing up for peace of mind. That’s because with automatic delivery, you don’t need to remember to call us to schedule your next fuel delivery. We’ll keep track of your propane usage and automatically fill your propane tank for you before it gets low, ensuring you’ll stay warm throughout the cold-weather season. Best of all, this program is available at no additional charge to all customers.

Sign up for automatic propane delivery today.

Emergency Propane Delivery

If you find that your propane tank is empty and you require an emergency delivery, please call our office at (518) 597-3444.