Heating Oil & Kerosene

Heating Oil

As an Avery Energy, LLC heating oil customer, you can feel good knowing that you’re getting efficient, reliable heating fuel delivered to your Essex County, NY, home at a great price. Whether you’re fueling your furnace, boiler, or water heater, you can count on staying warm throughout the heating season with our ultra-low-sulfur heating oil.

Why Choose Heating Oil?

It’s Safe. Oil, unlike natural gas, is a non-explosive fuel, making it a safe option for your home and your family.

It’s Effective. Oil provides even and consistent heat to your home for maximum comfort.

It’s Economical. The price of heating oil—which was already competitively low—has gone down over recent years, making it a cost-effective heating option. Plus, advancements in high-efficiency oil heat equipment can help you reduce your annual energy bills.

It’s Reliable. Oil production remains steady and domestic reserves are strong, which means oil heat is here to stay for the long term. You can count on our drivers to keep your tank full all winter long!

It’s Eco-Friendly. Advancements in heating oil technology have greatly reduced particulate emissions over the decades, minimizing its environmental impact.

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Barber Oil Company


Now Offering A+ Pro-Clean fuel conditioner.

Just like you, home heating oil systems perform better and last longer when they’re cared for properly. Thankfully, there’s and easy way to do it. A+ Pro-Clean is a proprietary fuel conditioner that constantly cares for your heating oil system by making sure your fuel is in tip=top shape.

Not just cleaner, better. Cleaner fuel, better storage integrity, and improved component protection all make a world of difference in the operation of heating equipment.

Peace of mind. You’ll know your heating system is healthy and running at maximum efficiency with less likelihood of shut down.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Choose to become an automatic heating oil delivery customer and eliminate the hassle of scheduling your next fuel delivery. No need to call us—we’ll come to you. For no additional cost, our office will keep track of your fuel usage and automatically come to your home or business to fill your oil tank. With the automatic delivery program, we take the worry out of winter heating!

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Will-Call Delivery

Want to schedule heating oil deliveries yourself? With our will-call option, you can call us directly when you need a refill. Just be sure to check your fuel gauge and call us when your tank is 1/4 to 1/3 full to avoid a fuel run-out.


If you have an outdoor tank, you can choose to use clean-burning kerosene to heat your home in place of traditional heating oil. Kerosene is a great option for outdoor tanks in cold weather climates such as the Crown Point, NY, area because it’s resistant to gelling, which can clog your fuel lines. Kerosene can also be used to fuel lanterns, stoves, and heaters in your home or business.

We offer both automatic delivery and will-call delivery options for our kerosene customers, or you can come by our office and purchase kerosene directly from our pump.

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Emergency Fuel Delivery

If you are experiencing a no-heat situation and you require an emergency delivery of heating oil or kerosene, please call our office at (518) 597-3444.